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Therm-O-Web, Picket Fence Studios and My Sweet Petunia Trifecta of Fun Blog Hop

Hello!  Welcome to a special trifecta blog hop!  Today the teams from Picket Fence Studios, Therm-O-Web and My Sweet Petunia are sharing projects made using products from each of the three fabulous companies.  

I love the special relationships that many of the companies in the industry have with each other.  It's so fun to see collaboration rather than competition in the industry I love, and I'm thrilled to take part in this hop.  These companies have such unique and innovative products that work so well together!  Today's blog hop not only highlights many of these amazing products, but also gives blog readers a chance to win gift certificates toward the purchase of some of these fantastic products!  To celebrate this hop, each company is giving away a $25 gift certificate toward the purchase from their website.  Comment on the blog posts throughout today's hop for your chance to win one of these great prizes.  Winners will be posted on each of the companies' blogs next week, so don't delay in entering!

For this card, I used my Original MISTI to stamp the Bear Family onto a piece of white cardstock, as well as choosing one of the bears to highlight and stamp onto a piece of similar sized scratch paper.  I left my stamp in place, still lined up in my MISTI to use again later.

Using a craft knife and scissors I carefully trimmed out the center of my bear from the scratch paper one to create my own stencil.

 I applied a coat of Pixie Spray temporary adhesive to the back of the scratch paper and let it dry about a minute.

 I lined up the scratch paper directly over my stamped cardstock piece and used a palette knife to add a very thin layer of Transfer Gel over my single bear.  The Pixie Spray gave me the seal I needed to contain the gel within the single bear image.  I carefully removed my makeshift paper stencil, and set the cardstock aside to dry for about an hour.

 Since the Transfer Gel was open, and my background piece also need an hour of drying time, I decided to make this one as well.  I added Pixie Spray first to the back of my stencil, then after it set up/dry about a minute, i adhered it to my piece of white cardstock and added a thin, smooth coat of Transfer Gel.  I carefully removed the stencil and washed my stencil and palette knife.  I set my panel aside to dry and also cleaned my craft mat.

While the gel was drying, I used my second MISTI (it's always good to have a spare!), to stamp the greeting from Bear Family on black cardstock with embossing ink and heat embossed with white embossing powder.  I used my large Cut-Align ruler and a craft knife to trim out a thin sentiment strip to be added later.

After 55-60 minutes had passed, by Transfer Gel had dried adequately to turn clear and glossy.  I knew it was time to heat up my laminator.  I let my Mini Minc preheat for about 15 minutes to get good and hot.  I cut a small piece of turquoise Flock and placed it flock side down over my Transfer Gel covered bear and added it to my folder (which is just a piece of very thin copy paper).  

I inserted the folder, fold side first into my Mini Minc and let the rollers slowly pull the folder through.  I immediately ran it through a second time too, to allow the Transfer Gel to warm and the flock to fully adhere.

Once it had cooled, I slowly peeled the flock backing from the panel.  The flock was adhered to the gel.

There was a tiny bit of flock that had stuck outside of the lines.  I used a sand eraser to very gently remove the errant flock.

Next, I foiled the background sunburst panel that I had prepped with Transfer Gel.  To foil, I cut a piece of Gold  Decofoil just slightly larger than my cardstock panel.  This time, I place the foil, pretty side up, to the panel, and using the same paper folder, ran it through my Mini Minc one time.  When cool, I lifted the backing from the panel.  The foil remained on the areas where the Transfer Gel was.

OOPS!! I realized very quickly that had I rushed my Pixie Spray.  I hadn't let it dry well enough before adhering it to my panel. If you don't let the spray "set up" for close to 60 seconds, it can leave a tiny trace of residue.  The residue is not visible, but must have left just enough tackiness from the spray that the heat from my laminator allowed tiny bits of foil to stick in places I didn't want it to stick! It was not firmly adhered though.  I was able to remove almost all of the tiny foil flecks by VERY lightly rubbing a sand eraser on the surface.  I was very careful not rub too hard to damage the paper surface, since I wanted to keep the surface very smooth for inking.

My next step was to ink my foiled panel.  I used a Blender Brush to add pale inks to the sunburst panel, cleaning the brush between ink colors by first brushing excess ink on a baby wipe, then on a dry micro fiber towel until clean and dry. 

After adding ink, I used a dry soft towel to clean any excess ink from the foiled areas.  You can see the shine that revealed from the sun rays where I've wiped the excess inks off, but it's still a bit dulled on the actual sun and lower right corner.

Next I went back to my flocked panel.  I put the panel back into the corner of my MISTI so I could stamp the bear's details again onto the flock.  My stamp was still lined up on my MISTI lid, so I knew that once I had my panel tucked back into the top corner of my MISTI, it would stamp in the exact same place.  Rather than ink up the whole stamp again, this time I selectively added ink only to the bear's face and arm on my stamp with a sponge dauber.  This allowed me to only ink the flocked bear.

I then used scissors to carefully cut out my bear family.

All that is left is the assembly.  I trimmed my background panel down to leave room for a black border, and added my bear family and trimmed the bottom level before adhering to a black top-fold card base.  Finally I added my sentiment strip, trimming the edges even with the card base.

Thanks for joining me today!  Don't forget to comment for your chance to win one of three $25 gift certificates, and make sure to visit the rest of the blogs below to find more inspiration:

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019


Good morning!  Today I'm over on the My Sweet Petunia blog for Team Tuesday.  Click HERE to find out more about this card and the tools and products I used to create it.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Taylored Expressions' Blending Brushes with Embossing Folders

Good morning!  Today I'm back again, with these new blending brushes from Taylored Expressions.  I love the uniform size and the color coded handles.  But I especially love the plush white bristles.   And a 10-pack with color coded handles?  I love that.  Except now I have no excuse for grabbing the wrong brush, or using it in the wrong ink pad, right?

  Don't they look pretty all clean and new, lined up in their spinning carousel ROYGBIV fashion?  Now that I've used mine, I think I need to buy another set just to have as a pretty decoration in my craft room.  (Or I could wash them with mild soap and water, but why?  I don't need to now that I have a dedicated brush for each color family!)

Today I've used these new Taylored Expressions white bristled blending brushes with embossing folders.  

I've never really had good luck inking up an embossing folder before embossing, so I add color to the embossed portions of my panel after dry embossing.

In this example, I used Blueberry ink to brush color to the raised numbers of the embossed panel to create a tone-on-tone background panel for this graduation card.

I began by running a panel of shimmery cardstock in the Take a Number embossing folder through my Gemini.  I then chose Blueberry ink to add the tone-on-tone color.

 After inking up the brush with the Blueberry ink, I very lightly brushed the ink over the tops of the numbers.  

 Once I had added enough ink to be satisfied with the depth of color, I chose the Just a Number dies, with their matching font, to add the year to my card.  I used a double sided adhesive foam.  First adding a thinner blue paper to one side of the foam, then running the dies through my Gemini.
After popping the die cut numerals from the foam, I arranged them on my panel before sticking them down, then using a piece of Post-it tape, and the grid lines of my MISTI mouse pad created a line to use as a guide to adhere the numbers to my panel straight.

 Once I had peeled the paper backing from each of the numbers, I used a book binding awl to carefully place them just above my paper line.  (The awl helps keep the sticky adhesive from sticking to my nails, and distorting the shape of the numerals.)

 Then I peeled away my guide tape.

I added a dark navy Grad Cap and white tassel to the zero using foam tape.

I also created this card similarly, using the Blending brushes to add ink to the embossed Brick panel. Finishing this simple card with a the Be Kind sentiment from Wonderful World, heat embossed in white onto a piece of vellum that was cut with one of the Frayed Edge Stacklets dies and a few rhinestones.

These products are available at Taylored Expressions.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Taylored Expressions Blending Brushes with Stencils


Today is release day at Taylored Expressions
Taylor's new release features a product she's been working on for quite a long time.

Ink Blender Brushes with soft, velvety white bristles!

These brushes come in a set of 10 identically sized brushes, with color coded handles, so it's easy to tell which color you are working with!  And there's no real need to clean them, but instead just wipe any excess ink off onto a dry towel before putting away!

There is a super cute spinning rack to hold them all too!

The spinner carousel comes in four easy to assemble snap together pieces.  (I did add a bit of glue when I assembled mine, as I plan to store mine in a cabinet above my work space, and wanted it to be very secure as I moved it to and from my workspace.)

The colors are so, so pretty when assembled and stored in their ROYGBIV glory! It's like a carousel of crafty color!

This set of brushes was a gift;  it's a little sneak peek at one of the products that Taylor will be using in her classes this week at my Junkie fest 2019 event in Minneapolis.  I'm very excited she's in town, and can't wait to see her class projects on Thursday!

I decided to get my first brush inky with a stencil to create a very quick and simple card.
Using a white top fold card base on my Water Media Mat, I very quickly created an airy background by brushing in Salt Water Taffy ink over the Set the Scene - Clouds stencil strips.  I started at the top of my card, lightly brushing ink up from the edge of the stencil strip.  I used a second strip slightly lower, inking very faintly, then continued down my card, twisting, turning and finally flipping the stencil strip to create a varied cloud bank with a puffy lower edge as well.  The ink application was quick and very smooth with these brushes, and took only a minute or two. 

I used my MISTI to add the Walt Disney dreams quote  from Plot Twist with Sprinkles ink.
Easiest card ever!

I made a second, slightly more elaborate stenciled card as well.

I used a circle die to create a template that fit over my A2 top fold card base.  I wanted to create a birthday card using the little bear from Look Who's Talking. and have him peeking out from a hole in the wall.

 I placed the stamp over my circle, so that his ear would be outside the circle.

 I picked up the stamp and inked up just the tiniest edge of his ear and stamped it onto the template.  This showed me where I needed to trim away to allow the full ear to stamp.  I also added a very faint pencil line inside the circle.

 I stamped the bear. and also stamped a second time onto masking paper before removing the template.  I then trimmed out only a small portion that would protect that ear and added it to my image.

Now with that ear covered with the mask, I added the circle I'd diecut from that template with temporary adhesive.  I used the pencil line as a guide for placement.

 Next I added the Polka Party stencil and inked in a rainbow of dots using the Blender Brushes.  I used Guava, Candy Corn, Pineapple, Green Apple, Cookie Monster and Plum Punch inks.  It was great to not have to clean a brush between colors, but rather just reach for the the color family brush!

I removed the stencil and masks.

And colored my bear with Copic Markers.

 Once colored, I once again added that circle mask, and using a Copic Multiliner, drew a line around the circle to define it, taking care not to cross that ear.

Now I filled in the background of the circle.  I'd used YG25 but decided it was a bit too bright, so I added YG over the top to tone the color down a bit to match the Green Apple ink.

Now I wanted to use the birthday greeting from The Inside Scoop - Belated Birthday. but I wanted to used only half on the front of my card, the other half on the inside of the card.  Once I had placed my stamp in my MISTI, I covered the portion I did not want with a piece of Purple Tape before inking.

 That tape protected the lower portion from ink, so once removed, I would only stamp the portion I wanted onto my white cardstock.

I trimmed out the sentiment using my Cut-Align tool and a craft knife.

Before adding my sentiment to the front of the card, I used the same process with  tape on my clean stamp to add the lower portion of the birthday greeting to the inside of my card.

Finally I added my sentiment to the front of the card with foam tape.

These Blender Brushes and the Storage Caddy are available for purchase at Taylored Expressions today.  Taylor even has a free gift with purchase of the Blender Brushes and Storage Caddy, and free shipping with a $50 order through June 30th too!

Happy crafting everyone!