Saturday, March 5, 2016

A little happy life...

Recently we did some remodeling and created a nursery/guestroom.

This used to be my husband's office.  And it was open to mine.  Our little remodel project, was to turn his office into a spot for the babies to sleep when they are here for Nana daycare.  I wanted to have them on the main floor of our house.  So we closed up the wall and created a space, did some painting, and put in some new carpet.  I LOVE the grays.  Gray is my new neutral.  LOL

Its a little tight, with a full size bed and two pack and plays, but I think it's perfect.  It just needs some decor...

So what better to put on the walls but picture of the boys?

About a week ago I took a photo and sketched my new Grandson, Grady.  He is just one of the sweetest little babies ever.  He was so teeny.  Born early, and less than five pounds, but man...  he is just perfect to me!

Meet Grady:

So a week passed and I hadn't sketched the other twin!?!?  How dare I??

A new Nana, showing favorites????  Impossible!

So last night I sketched twin #2.

Here is the other half of my heart...  Meet Gabriel:

These two handsome boys turned two weeks old yesterday even though they shouldn't have even been born until the end of March. But they are amazing.   It's incredible how much they change each day.   Hopefully they will be going home from the hospital soon.  They need to grow a bit more and get strong enough to take a whole feeding.  Right now, they just don't have the stamina to do that.  They just get too tired.   So for now, they have feeding tubes to make sure they are getting enough calories to keep growing.  I chose not to draw those tubes.  I look past those, and only see the the most beautiful boys....

We are so blessed.

We are taking the new momma and daddy out for dinner tonight, so I hope to be able to get prints made of these today, and frame them.  I'll keep the set of prints, and give the framed originals to the kids tonight.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Awwwwwww, this is such a fabulous post!!!

  2. As a twin myself I just adore your grandbabies. Great job on the sketches and the new room.