Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I really should not be left unattended.

Spring is the financial world's conference season.  So my husband has been traveling a lot.  That's exhausting for me.  When my kids were tiny little things, I would be exhausted from the constant responsibility.  Now that they are older and rather self-sufficient.  I get exhausted from losing track of time.

In other words, I stay up too late.

I was having a hard time really focusing on crafting last night, so I started organizing.  Ahem.  I do that:  Clean until the feeling passes, or I get distracted by something like stamping or online shopping. Believe me that doesn't take very long.

I reorganized one of my drawers and started cutting, scoring and restocking my stash of card bases.  I have to say it's much easier to so now that my card stock is now organized and labeled!

The little boxes hold precut card A2 sized card fronts from a variety of papers and card stocks, and white bases.
I'm hoping that will cut down on all the scraps that pile up near my paper cutter.  Maybe.

And then after seeing that pretty rainbow stash, I got motivated.

My Simon Says Stamp card kit on Tuesday.  I hadn't even taken anything out of the box, since my nephew was here.  He's amazing.  Not only did he deliver my quarter of beef from the farm/butcher shop to my freezer, he has amazing skills.

He's an electrician.  So I put him to work.  ;)
We are in the midst of a mini-remodel/refreshing list of projects at our house.  Lately, we have had a parade of contractors, plumbers, painters, carpet installers, etc throughout the house.  Its a mess, and still ongoing.

We had purchased new light fixtures, so he put two of the trickiest ones up for me!

I have light in my craft room!  A huge globe that puts out 400 watts of awesome room-filling light!

And a new funky chandelier in my dining room and I love it!  The '80s gold and plastic icicle looking chandelier is in the trash.  Finally.  I've hated that thing for five years.

Ignore the stuff on the table.
Actually, don't.  It's good stuff.  Look at these adorable onesies!!!  My good friend Kim sent these to me for the twins yesterday!  Maybe she's afraid I'm going to mix those boys up when Nana Daycare starts.  LOL

But I digress. Back to my card kit...

I dug in to the stamp kit.  The stamp set is called My Kind of Peep.  I hate the taste of Peeps, but I do think they are adorable.

I first made this one.

I used my So Suzy Stamps Ink Bites to stamp the peeps, and Brutus Monroe Raven Detail ink for the sentiment. As I stamped it, I thought of my husband and his bizarre Peep obsession.  He loves Peeps.  But they have to be frozen, stale and chewy; so he opens the package, freezes it, and then eats them later after they have dried out.  Ewww.

And that made me think of this one.

This peep outline stamp was stamped with Summer Sky Memento, then colored with Copics.  The sentiment and the oval dies are from Papertrey Ink.  (Scrambled Eggs stamp set and Limitless Layers oval dies.)
I added the gasping mouth with a Copic Multiliner pen.

Thanks for stopping by.  Please leave a comment or hello, and let me know you did.  That would make my day.


  1. Very cute Chris! Love the PP on the first card, very spring-y!

  2. Cute cards and post! I will visit more often!

  3. This is too cute! Love it and the lights!

  4. Had no odea you had a blog! Love the card!

  5. Love your card, Chris!!!!
    Congrats for your blog.

  6. Hi! Just wanted you to know I'm stalking your blog. I'm done now. Thanks! Cute cards!

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