Thursday, March 10, 2016

Of Paint, Cats and Bunnies.

I saw these unique Duochrome tubes of watercolor paint online one day from Daniel Smith.  I loved the look of that Hibiscus color.   I ordered these four tubes to play with.  I thought the blue and green pearl would be amazing on a water scene...

I expected them to be an sparkly iridescent wash that I could use over my current Sennelier L'Aquarelle tube watercolors.  I was a bit disappointed, to be honest.  Not that they weren't beautiful paints, but just that they weren't the "wash" that I thought they might be.

I played with them a bit more, and decided I did like them.  I used the Hibiscus Pearl here on this gorgeous Mondo Hydrangea stamp.  I liked the reflective quality it added to some of the petals.

And then my friend Maureen Wong tipped me off about a sale on these paint tubes a few weeks ago, and I decided to order a few...  I mean several...  Ok.  A bunch more.  Four just isn't an adequate number for a fair sampling.  Right??

So anyhow...  The paints arrived and I didn't have time to try them.  Until last night.  I was curious about the Iridescent Copper.

It's beautiful.  Seriously.

I decided I needed to make some copper cats.  These Crazy Cats stamps crack me up.  I love their expressions.  LOVE their expressions.
I stamped the cat with Versafine Ink on 90# Canson watercolor paper. Then just played with the paints.

Now today, I went back to my little painted images.  I was going to assemble a card,  But as I was setting up, tragedy occurred!  I was getting set up to stamp and I happened to push my magnets in that danger zone:  They snapped together so hard and created at magnetic draw strong enough to snap a third magnet in as well...  TWO CRACKED MAGNETS.

Horrors.  The center one was lucky to survive.  Even though he was cushioned the others; he was unable to save them.  I have him in counseling right now.  In a padded room.  (Ok.  Truth? He is no longer allowed to hang out on my desk.  He needs to stay in my MISTI.)

I trimmed my watercolor panel down and used my MISTI to stamp the Friend Defined sentiment with Embossing ink and heat embossed it with Brutus Monroe Copper embossing powder.  That stuff is so pretty.  And look how it matches the paint!  I did learn something...  I stamped the two sentiments separately.  I should have stamped and embossed them at the same time.  I had done the smaller line sentiment first, and then it over heated when I embossed the Friend one...  So I lost some of the pretty brilliance on the embossing powder.  It got a little blurry.  FYI:  I also find that this powder is prettiest when heated from the underside of the paper, rather than from the top.)

I also heat embossed my Gina K card base with the same Copper embossing powder.  I used the Haute Stripes Cling Background to make my stripes.

I just adhered my watercolored panel right to the embossed card base with All-Purpose Craft Glue (Love that stuff.  Especially for textured papers!  It HOLDS.), and I was done.

Can you see the metallic iridescence of the paint and the embossing?

In other news...

Look at these sweet little Easter bags that arrived yesterday for the bitty boys!

They are freaking ADORABLE.  I can't wait to fill them up with goodies and give them.  I sure hope those baby boys are out of the hospital and home by Easter.

You know those crazy Facebook "memories" pop up things that remind you of something you posted a long time ago?  I saw one yesterday, from my post 6 years ago.  We were painting our last house.  LOL

And now 6 years later we are doing the same in this house.  Evidently spring break is always best spent moving furniture, right?

One coat of paint is on!  I'm so looking forward to seeing our bedroom tomorrow.  Not to mention,  sleeping in it!  The painting in this room will be finished and the ugly 1990's red/burgundy carpet is going buh-bye.

Happy day.  Happy gray.

Thanks for stopping in.  Please comment and say hello!

Until next time!


  1. Love the metallic watercolors and no, I'm not planning on getting any.....yet.

  2. I adore both cards! The shadow on the cat card is pretty amazing!

  3. Paint, paint, paint. Story of your life. LOL. Watercolors on cards or latex on

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