Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Masking and Stretching your stamps with Technique Junkies stamps and MISTI

Good Morning!

Today I am sharing a card made by mixing and masking parts of two Technique Junkies Stamps, Most Girls, and Knife in My Purse.  

My goal was to use only portions of the two stamps to create a new and different design.  I'll walk through the steps of how did this for this card.

I am using Strathmore Artagain Toned Gray paper for my card panel today.  I began this project by placing my gray panel into my MISTI, and placing my Most Girls stamp in the approximate location that I want my image.  I pick up the stamp with the MISTI lid but do not stamp.  Instead, I remove the gray panel and replace with a similar sized piece of scratch paper.  I stamp my image on that.  I also stamp again on a piece of clear plastic film that I have cut to fit inside the full frame of my Misti.  This plastic film will help my mask the image.  I used a scissors trim away the girl image from the sentiment on the scratch paper.    The remaining piece, containing the sentiment is now my mask.

The sheet of plastic with my stamped image will be my guide for lining up my mask.  I remove it from my MISTI and place my gray panel in.  Then I add the plastic sheet over the top.  Now, I carefully slide my trimmed scratch paper mask directly under the plastic sheet and line it up so that it fits exactly under the image on the clear plastic sheet.  Once I know it is in the correct place, I use a small piece of Post-it tape to tape it to my gray panel.  Now I can remove the plastic sheet and stamp. The mask will protect the gray panel from receiving the inked sentiment, so only the girl will stamp on the gray panel.

Now, leaving the stamp set up in place in my MISTI, and the mask on the card panel, I remove the gray panel and add a light layer of skin toned Prismacolor Pencil to the girl.  Next I replace the gray panel into the MISTI and restamp, darkening the dress, and adding the details of the face and arms over my pencil coloring.  Restamp a second time if necessary for good coverage.

Now remove the mask.  The attached sentiment should not be visible at all.  Only the girl.
At this point in my process, I added a bit of coloring to hint a a floor to "ground" my girl image.

Next I add a portion of the Knife in My Purse sentiment stamp.  This time, I am only masking the lower portion, so this is a simpler process.   I place my stamp in theappropriate location on the card panel and pick up the stamp with the MISTI lid.  This time I add a mask to the clean stamp before inking.  I used a regular Post-It note to cover the area of the stamp that I didn't want to ink.  I inked up the stamp.  There will be ink all over that Post-It, so very carefully remove it.  Double check to see if the ink is only on the portion of the stamp that you WANT to ink, then stamp.  You should end up with your partial sentiment on your gray panel.

Now clean your stamp well, and repeat this process on a second piece of Toned Gray paper.  This time masking the top portion of the sentiment, so only the lower portion inks.

Now you can add you exterior and interior panels to your card base.

Kind of fun, huh?  I love to mix and match images and sentiments.  It's fun to stretch your stamps this way!

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