Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Adding Dimension to Solid Images

Hello all!

December is a crazy month.  It's the start of my son's high school swim season, there's always so much to do to prep for the holidays, and this year we threw a basement redo into the mix as well, so I've been very sporadic with my crafting, and especially with actual posts here.  I have been squeezing in some time making holiday cards, but rarely get around to sharing much about them here!  Hopefully January will bring just a bit of quieter normalcy to my life again.

Today I have a quick video tutorial showing how to easily add dimension to your solid images.  I shared the card shown above on Instagram a few weeks ago, and was asked to share more details or a video tutorial, so I filmed the process of creating the following card to show my simple technique of adding dimension to the solid ornament stamps.

I'm using the rounder solid ornament image from the Gina K. Designs set, Deck the Halls to create my card.  

The Deck the Halls mini stamp set was the freebie set that came in my last Gina K. order.  As far as I am aware, this set is still the freebie that is included with any $75 order, and will be until the next new stamp release.  At the time of the new release, I believe the set becomes available for sale for $8.95.

I began my using an gridded acrylic stamp block to stamp just the edge of the ornament three times onto a piece of Masking Magic.  I only needed a small portion of the edge of the stamp just so I could get a good impression of the shape of the edge of the ornament.  I used my scissor to cut along the edge to create a thin mask to use to create the white highlight within my ornaments.

After trimming out the masks, I set up my stamp along the middle of the edge of my Original MISTI.  I centered my panel of Artist's Choice cardstock underneath the stamp, tucking it against the edge of my MISTI so I could stamp the first ornament in the center.  Before inking, I added one of the tiny highlight masks directly to the stamp.  I then inked up the stamp, removed the mask, leaving that uninked highlight area, then stamped on my panel.

I cleaned the stamp while still in place on the lid of the MISTI, then rather than moving the stamp, I moved my panel into place where I wanted to stamp the next ornament.  My moving the paper, and keeping it against the side of my MISTI, I know the ornaments will stamp in a perfect row across my card panel.  

I once again added a highlight mask, inked, then removed the mask before stamping.  I did the third ornament in the same manner.

Dimension was created by adding additional ink with a $1 Elf concealer makeup brush.  I simply picked up ink on my brush from my ink pad and added it to the left side of each ornament.  

I used a stamp block to quickly add the ornament hanger and strings, then used my MISTI to add the sentiment and clear embossing it.  After heat embossing, I added white pigment ink to the right side of the ornaments to add more shine, and to soften the inked edges of the highlight area.  I assembled the card, using foam tape to adhere my panel to my card base.

If you'd like to watch this process, here is the short video tutorial:

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope to be back soon with more cards and video posts soon!  


  1. Love your video. Thank you for sharing, I could just watch you create for hours! <3

  2. So fun to hear your voice and watch you create.

  3. WOW Chris, this was amazing to watch. How gorgeous!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours...

  4. Thanks, Chris! I love it! You make it LOOK like I could do this!

  5. That was cool! I loved it, thanks for teaching