Sunday, December 3, 2017

Follow His Star

I've been planning out a simple single layer (almost) project to bring to work on at my Church Card Maker group in the morning.  We are making Christmas card sets to be sold as a fundraiser, and thought I'd share the project I'll be working on.

This is an ink blended card, so I began by using Post-it tape to create my frame to protect my white space.  I used the grid paper pad from my MISTI to easily line up my tape, leaving a 1 3/4" channel for my inking.

I used a foam blender and Faded Jeans Distress Oxide ink and quickly blended in ink, beginning at the top of my card and getting lighter as I moved down.

I cut a very slight curve into a piece of Post-it tape to use as a mask for my landscape.  I added it about 1/2" from the bottom of my card and added a bit more ink just above the tape.

I then removed the tape and replaced just a bit higher, turning the tape a bit to give a slightly different curve.  I added more ink, blending upward trying to get a smooth finish.

When I removed the tape the second time it looks like this:

I used the straight edge of the Post-it tape to add a bit of ink to create a burst pattern.  After inking very gently to the edge of the tape, I removed and replaced the tape and inked three more times, each time trying to align the tape to a center point, creating a starburst pattern.

I wasn't worried about being perfect, as I am adding a glitter paper Bethlehem star die cut over the center.  I just want a hint of starburst to peek through.  I cut the smaller star from Star of Wonder (Memory Box Dies), from sparkle glitter paper with my Sizzix Side Kick mini die cutter.  (It appears these dies are sold out, sorry!)

I adhered the die cut, to the center of my starburst, then went back to my MISTI to finish the card.

Leaving the Post-it tape in place, I stamped the small palm trees from Framescapes: Tropical Skies with Faded Jeans Distress Oxide ink.  When I remove the tape, the image will be flush with the right edge of my inked strip.

I chose to add the large palm trees over and outside of the inked strip using Black Soot Distress Oxide ink.  I added the Near & Far greeting, from Sentimental Holiday at the same time.

Easy to mass produce!  I hope to get at least a dozen more made tomorrow!

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Wow, beautiful. Thanks for the late night pictures. I was trying to figure out how you did the inking for the star sky area. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this way of making the star really stand out...this is a beautiful card.

  3. Love your card. You mentioned a church card making group, I am interested in hearing more about this. Does everyone do their own thing or do you hold a class. I have been wanting to do something at my church, but don't know how to proceed. Martha Deines

    1. Thanks Martha. My church card makers group meets once a month for about 3 hours. There is a morning weekday group, as well as an evening group. It's my favorite way to serve. Usually we bring much of our own supplies and projects and work independently, although there's always someone willing to demo some new or unfamiliar technique to others. Sometimes there will be ladies who attend who just volunteer to assemble pieces that others have prepared, or package finished cards. The cards we make, and bring in from home, are packaged individually in cellophane sleeves and placed on a spinner card rack in the narthex. They sell well for a suggested minimum donation of $2. Funds raised are donated each month to various charities and congregational needs that we vote on. (December $ was decided today: 50% to food shelf, 50% to area youth homeless shelter). It seems that each month we raise around $300/mo rather consistently. I love this fun group of women, and it's such a worthy way to spend a few hours a month!