Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Suzy Favorites and Revealing My Secret Obsession

I was going to save this for next week for my Suzy Blog day.  But since this is the start of the SUZY FAVORITES for Anniversary month, I decided to blog it early.  Check out the SUZY FAVORITES  here on her Facebook Page.

But here's a secret.

I have a secret obsession.

Dr. Seuss.

I  LOVE those books.  Seriously love them.  The stories, the colorful whimsy of the artwork.  The original animated The Grinch That Stole Christmas is my all time favorite movie...  I read and read those books to my kids, that I have them near memorized.   I'll be reading them to my sweet little bitty twins soon, too.

So when Suzanne revealed her April release, all I could see in this new Wispy Chrysanthemum stamp, was TRUFFULA TREES!!!!

I know, these stamps are out of stock right now, they are THAT cool and obviously I'm not the only one choosing them as favorites.  But don't worry, they will be back soon!

Now about those Truffula Trees...
The Truffula Trees are from the Dr. Seuss book, The Lorax.  Although it is not my favorite book, (that would be The Sneetches),  it does have a wonderful story and beautiful artwork.

So anyway.   This stamp...  I know it's a flower.  But my mind works differently.  Stubbornly.  Obstinately.

To me, it's not a flower.  It's trees.  Truffula trees...  And this turned out to be my favorite So Suzy Stamps card, thus far.

Here's some detail.  And details.  

Truthfully,  I experimented with making this card a few times.  I stamped and heat embossed the flowers and tried Zig markers on A2 sized paper.  Meh.  Not crisp enough, nor big enough to create a whole Seuss-y scene.

I tried my tube watercolors on a 5x7 card front.  But that seemed too "flat".  The stamp detail was disappearing and it just didn't have that Seuss quality.

So I went to my Copics.  

I stamped the flowers first and then the World of Reality stamp with Memento ink onto a 5x7 piece of Hammermill 80# Digital Cover paper.  (love that stuff for Copics).  I left this one in my MISTI to use again! You'll see why in a bit.  

Then I used a 0.3mm Copic Mutiliner to sketch in the rest of the scene.  Then I just colored.  

Once my panel was done and dry, I put it back into my MISTI and stamped it again with Versamark Ink to darken and crisp up the sentiment.  Then, I trimmed just a touch off the edges and glued it to a 5x7 card base with a very thin black mat.

It's my favorite.

What is your favorite So Suzy Stamps card???  Go to her Facebook Group page to enter yours!